I Believe in Art that Aims to Break down boundaries to gain Traction inviting the mind towards a new type of Enlightenment. My Garments expresses my imagination that revolves around Realistic nature including Climatic changes carved with Organic forms, Texturized patterns, Life species, Floral forms of Artistic movement creating an Alluring effect on the eyes of the Beholder. Another distinctive feature of my Collection is the presence of Details such as Frills, Pleats, Vibrant Colours, Beads, Stitches, etc.


Mixing architectural zeal, tailored artistry, and a sensual embrace of the luxurious fabrics , Chetan Veena’s garments display incredible precision that flourishes, first and foremost, to his Beholder creating a ‘Wow factor’.Intricate drapes are lent from the designer’s hands to the pattern makers and sewers , with extreme attention given to finishing and detailing , will transform a design into a showpiece. Designs from ready-to-wear pieces to couture creations, everything starts here infusing Imaginations with Fashion-Art forming a wearable silhouette.